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Wipro’s benched staff receive pay cuts

Wipro’s benched staff receive pay cuts. In an extended bench period, the employees who are put on the bench will be on the loss of pay. This extended period will last for 3 months

Wipro's benched staff receive pay cuts

The company says that these employees will only receive insurance coverage and nothing else. Usually, in IT companies, the bench means that the employee is not part of any billable projects.

The count usually varies from 5-7% employees on the bench at any time. In bigger companies, the count can be more. In Wipro, the new change is directed towards employees who are already on the bench and received a bad assessment of their work.

The company sends out an email to the employees stating that while on the bench the employee may choose to use their available leave balance. Once the leave quota is over, the employee will be on unpaid leave for the rest of the period on the bench.

These are one of the first actions taken by the new CEO. If any employee fails to join any billable project in the given period, the company has the right to terminate the employee, according to the new rules.

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Wipro says that one of the areas to focus in India right now is to protect jobs. The company believes that this new policy is a way to achieve that goal.

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