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US versus UK – which country has better education system?

Pursuing either under graduation or graduation in UK has many advantages compared to that of USA like the time of the study, tuition fee, living expenses, ease of communication and cost of accommodation. Despite these factors, we hear many international students dreaming of pursuing education in USA. Again, there are several reasons for the same and the most important being – education quality and job opportunities.

Though there is no relevant proof, many scholars say that an MS in US is equivalent to a PhD in UK. There are more chances to get a part time in USA and also there are many job consultancies that help international students secure a descent job. Your social life will be at its peak in US as people from more than 200 countries study here. Also, it is hard to get a US study VISA than a UK VISA and that indirectly states that the education quality is better in USA.

IF you see the overall reputation of Universities as a whole, Education in USA sounds better compared to that of UK but still there are many Universities in UK that are far better in terms of research, social life, opportunities and reputation. If you are in a dilemma in choosing the country, take the entrance exams of both and make your decision based on the Universities where you have got admission.

The conclusion is that, though there is a difference in education system, the quality varies a lot with the University and you need to be bothered about the University rather than the US vs. Uk education system.

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