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Toefl Ibt Listening Tips

–      Try to watch English movies as much as possible. There are many interesting movies around. If you are not really good at listening, use subtitles at the initial stages. After few days, stop using subtitles and before starting the movie, read the story of the movie and watch it. You will gradually start understanding the sentences

–      While listening to passages, focus on the main idea. This is usually demonstrated at the beginning of the paragraph. Once you get the main idea, you can understand the details that follow up easily

–      Whenever an example is talked about, focus on it. This gives you a better idea overall

–      If you are struck with unfamiliar vocabulary, don’t get nervous. Try to frame the meaning  of the word based on the context. For safe side, read the meanings of high frequency words before attempting TOEFL

–      Talk in English to a variety of people each has got their own accent and this should help you to understand any kind of accent.

–      Since you are allowed to listen to the paragraph only once, make a note of the basic idea in few words as this is allowed in TOELF ibt.

–      Make a summary of what you have heard and note it down. This gives you a clear picture of what the paragraph is all about

–      Before taking TOEFL, get to know what type of questions are asked in the exam and avoid getting amused at the exam center. There are different types of questions like clicking on chart box, choosing two options etc.

–      Since there are no negative marks, guesses easily work in the listening section as the answers are quite obvious. If you could not get the answer, use the elimination method to mark the best possible answer

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