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Online University Scams – List of Universities that may be considered fake or scam

The number of fake schools/universities that are scamming people is on a rise and it is very important to make a thorough research of the University before you actually choose it. We are providing here a list of Universities that are considered fake/scam.  Avoid considering these Universities without a second thought and always choose fully accredited online universities

Online University Scams

Rochville University: Rochville University is an institution that offers several online programs where one can purchase a degree without actually pursuing education here. What’s not? You get the degree certificates, transcripts and proof of participation in student council. All you need is a life experience. You may buy a high shool degree here and seek an under graduate degree in some reputed University but it can lead to drastic consequences in your future.

Belford University: Belford University is another University that is non accredited and one that you need to stay away from.    This is another online University that sends certificates from UAE. The degrees that you get here are not accepted by most of the employers or other reputed No, Belford University is essentially a “diploma mill” and is not properly accredited. At no “real” university is it possible for to complete a degree in a matter of days. This is definitely not a legitimate University where you will be approved for a degree in few hours if you have experience and your inbox will be spammed with free reduction offers later if you chose not to join.

Jones International University: Though this University is accredited regionally and there is no real proof that this is a scam University, it is a for-profit University and most of the employers do not consider degrees from for-profit schools/ institutions /universities. So, it is better avoid this.

Ashwood University: Again, there is no proof stating that this University is a scam but the reviews of students are not positive. You don’t get proper replies to questions and there is no proper address given on the website.  But again, few high personalities in the industry agreed that they do accept Ashwood students. So, there is still confusion.

Lorenz University : Yet another University that sells degrees. There are many complaints about Lorenz University spread over the internet reporting that it is fake and sells degrees. They are not even regionally accredited. So, avoid Lorenz University

Redding University : Redding University is one university that claims to be accredited but no one knows about the accreditation agency it is referring to. It sells degrees at some fixed prices and the degree you get here may not be really valued.

Trivalley University : Providing I-20 in few hours, Tri valley University’s scam has been recently discovered. The University might be granting CPT illegally and lets students work though they are not really authorized to. If you are in a dilemma whether to join this university or not, you need not think more- avoid it.

University of Advancing Technology:Looking at the name, one can doubt the authenticity of the University. It is not accredited by any of the  major agencies and might be a scam or fake University. But few claim that they got benefited from this University.

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