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Annual Salaries for STEM jobs

February 28 is declared as National Science Day by the government to celebrate the discovery of the ‘Raman’ effect. Recently, a survey was conducted by the job portal Indeed, which says that professionals in the fields of science, analytics, coding, data, etc earn up to 16 lakh per annum. Also, it states that cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad retain and hire the maximum number of candidates in the country.

The National Science Foundation said that in the upcoming 10 years 80% of the jobs require good skills of maths and science.

The declaration of National Science Day is to make people contribute to science and its related fields. Some of the areas belonging to STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) has recently become popular in the last three years. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are some of those fields that have witnessed a significant rise in the last few years.

February 28th is declared as National Science Day to celebrate Raman Effect

Average salaries for various STEM-related jobs:

  1. Java Developer – Rs.616,965 to 1,675,000
  2. Full Stack Developer – Rs.588,284 to Rs.1,599,000
  3. Front End Developer – Rs.588,284 to Rs.1,599,000
  4. Software Engineer – Rs.571,248 to Rs.1,596,000
  5. .NET developer – Rs.276,120 to Rs.732,000
  6. iOS developer – Rs.284,808 to Rs.708,000
  7. Android developer – Rs.243,312 to Rs.614,000
  8. Web developer – Rs.195,302 to Rs.574,000
  9. PHP developer – Rs.247,332 to 674,000

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